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Helpful Architectural Painting Resources
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From project planning, to painting specific substrates, to solving common problems, the following helpful links will assist the paint professional and "Do-it-Yourselfer" with practical, useful information you'll want to visit again and again.

For Contractors - Your Business
Just for the paint contractor. Covers topics such as selling your services, professional painting practices, running your business, cost calculator and important safety practices.

For Homeowners - How to Choose a Paint Contractor

Project Planner: Interior & Exterior
Help with choosing colors, surface preparation, paint quality and other considerations that will make your project successful from start to finish. Covers safety topics such as ladder safety, lead paint, personal protective equipment, safety posters and much more.

Design Center
Check out the design center for extensive help with techniques, color mood, creating space, a digital color wheel and great ideas for inspiration!

Top Quality Paint - Why it's Important
Top quality paints are designed to produce the best-looking and longest-lasting results. And even though quality paints may cost a little more, they can last more than twice as long as ordinary paints - so they are really more economical in the long run. Learn more about what makes top qualit paint.

Prep, Prime & Paint: Interior & Exterior
Proper surface preparation for interior and exterior surfaces including: wood, plaster, drywall, paneling, tile, plastic, hardboard, cement, stucco, brick, cinder block, aluminum siding, vinyl and metal.

Paint Calculator
How much paint do you need? Use the calculator to find out!

How to Paint
Practical advise for your painting project including: complete rooms, ceilings, walls, doors, windows, decks, etc.

Problem Solver: Interior & Exterior
A comprehensive guide for most types of paint problems you may encounter. Just a few of the many topics covered include: mildew, blistering, chalking, frosting, peeling, yellowing, caulk failure, etc.

Videos on the Basics of Painting

Carrying the Finest Quality
Paint Lines

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