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Sansin Classic

Technical Data &

Sansin Classic is a penetrating environmentally-friendly three-coat finish designed for exterior applications. It is UV resistant, water-repellent, low in VOC's, providing easy soap and water clean-up. Sansin Classic is engineered to penetrate wood of variable moisture content often found in log homes, providing effective UV and weather protection while allowing wood to breath.

Because Sansin Classic is designed to wear gently over time, wood care involves only simple periodic cleaning and maintenance.


Flat Low Luster

Available in the complete Sansin color offering as well as architectural custom colors.
Visibility, Hide, Definition, Augmentation
Naturals Transparent Flat Low Luster
Translucent Transparent Flat Low Luster
Saturated Transparent Flat Low Luster

Log Homes and exterior wood applications where a breathable penetrating low luster, non film forming finish is desired.

-Environmentally Sound.
-Penetrating Waterbourne Alkyd Formula that penetrates wood even when the moisture content is as high as 25%.
-Low VOC: Despite being a truly penetrating formula, actual VOCs range from 52g/l to 70 g/l.
-Molecularly Compatible creating a monolithic bond with the wood for long-term protection.
-Deep Wood Penetration ensuring wood stability and long-term integral protection.
-Dimensional Stabilization: Reduces warping, shrinking, checking.
-Breathable: Breathable over long-term even after succesive maintenance coats are applied.
-Nano Tints: Translucent finely ground iron oxide pigments that provide exceptional clarity and protection.
-UV Protection: Sansin coatings are designed to have high durability to UV resistance to ensure long-term maintainability.
-Repels Water but does not inhibit evaporation; critical to long-term stability of wood.