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Sansin SDF

Technical Data &

Sansin SDF is specifically engineered to protect log homes, with a one-coat penetrating formula that repels condensed water while allowing water vapor to escape. SDF's specially formulated oils and resins penetrate into the wood, providing outstanding weather and ultra-violet (UV) protection. Thanks to SDF's unique water-borne technology, it can be applied to wood even with high moisture content - SDF lets wood "breathe", preventing moisture from getting trapped inside the logs and causing decay.

SDF also makes your home look beautiful. And like all Sansin Enviro Stains, it's not harmful to the environment. When you choose Sansin SDF, your home will be protected with a water-repellant and UV shield of lasting and remarkable beauty.

Sansin SDF is an environmentally-friendly one-coat finish specially designed for siding, decks and fences. It is UV resistant, water-repellent, low in VOC's, and non-flammable with easy soap and water cleanup. With just one application, this unique formula provides a rich and attractive coating that offers lasting protection. Sansin SDF will not crack, peel or blister. Maintenance coats may be applied every two to three years on horizontal surfaces and two to four years on vertical surfaces.

Flat Low Luster

Available in the complete Sansin color offering as well as architectural custom colors.
Visibility, Hide, Definition, Augmentation
Naturals Transparent Flat Low Luster
Translucent Transparent Flat Low Luster
Saturated Transparent Flat Low Luster

Siding, decks and fences, Outdoor Furniture, Log Homes

-Environmentally Sound.
-Penetrating Formula
-One Coat Application
-Can Be Applied over Damp Wood.
-Creates Dimensional Stability
-UV Resistant
-Water Repellent