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Sansin Wood Cleaner

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When it comes to restoring the natural color of even the most damaged and weather-beaten wood surfaces, Sansin Wood-Cleaner should be your first choice. Wood-Cleaner is highly effective in removing unsightly weathering, mold, algæ, mildew, staining and extreme oil and grease - plus it's remarkably easy to use. Simply spray your wood surface, allow to sit for 20 minutes, and then rinse off and allow to dry. Then apply the attached package of Sansin Wood Lightener and watch as it dries and the natural color of your wood emerges once again.

This product available in industrial concentrations.

Sansin Wood Cleaner is a ready to use formula; it removes extreme weathering, water stains, mold and mildew, while restoring the natural color of wood. Sansin Wood Cleaner is biodegradable, rinses off with water and is easy to use.

Recommended for use on new and old wood surfaces such as decks, fences, siding, timbers and roofing shingles or shakes.

-Interior and Exterior
-Restores all Your Wood to its Natural Color
-Low VOC
-Non Flammable
-Comes with Sansin Wood Lightner®