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Triple Stretch Sealant

Technical Data &

TRIPLE STRETCH Textured Log Home Sealant is a uniquely formulated chinking. It is manufactured specifically for use where exceptional elasticity is required, such as logs with greater moisture content, log or slab siding, log corners or other dynamically moving log joints.

-New Construction
Used in log homes where a positive, flexible, weather-tight seal is needed and a neat, mortar textured finish is desired.
Excellent restoration/repair product for previously applied mortar chinking, mastics and caulks.

-Highly Elastic Expands and contracts where exceptional log movement and shrinkage are experienced.
-Stays Flexible Provides a highly resilient, mortar textured finish that remain
-Superior Adhesion Adheres tightly to surface without pulling away or tearing.
Seals Tightly Prevents air and water intrusion.
-Exceptional Durability Withstands weather and temperature extremes and forms a tough, damage resistant surface.
-Quick Drying Cures quicker than other elastic chinkings; thus, it is not prone to bubbling, attracting dirt and dust nor is it easily damaged.
-Tools Firmly Tools firmly, leaving clean, crisp edges. No excessive stickiness or slumping.
-Non-Toxic Safe for both interior and exterior use and has no odor when cured.
-Excellent Color Retention UV stable and does not fade.
-Warranty Carries a limited lifetime warranty.

TRIPLE STRETCH Textured Log Home Sealant is available in a wide range of colors to either imitate the traditional look of mortar chinking or to blend in with the tones of the wood. Custom colors are also available.